The MS in Engineering, Design Impact is a two-year program. Courses are listed below.

In the first year, students take all classes together as a cohort. In the second year, students will continue to work together in the year-long “Idea to Impact” course, which will be the culmination of their educational experience and propel them to career paths.
     The Electives in second year will be a combination of building a deep learning in the student’s chosen theme area (Impact theme), and expanding the skill toolkit of the student as appropriate (skillset track). Click on the links to learn more about the classes.
     The summer before the program commences, students may be asked to perform preparation work by taking online courses as recommended by their advisor, in order to fortify any weak areas in skills coming into the program.
     The summer between first year and second year will be spent completing an internship experience related to their chosen theme and otherwise preparing them for the Design Impact course of second year.
     Both first and second year students may choose to create a “Reframe” project, which will take the form of an installation or other designed experience that communicates their inspiration / passion / motivation / frustration relating to both their own life and their contribution to the Design Impact theme. This will be shared in an exhibition at the beginning of the Spring quarter.

First Year
Human Values & Innovation in Design · ME313 →
Prep work: CAD,
Adobe Suite, Stats,
Math, Programming
(Optional as needed)
Graduate Research Methods in Design · ME277 →
Programming Methodology or higher-level substitute · CS106A →
Business Considerations in Design ME or MS&E (to be selected in consultation with advisor)
Design & Manufacturing · ME203 →
Introduction to the Design of Smart Products · ME216M →
Design Experiments · ME341 →
Leading Design Teams · ME311 →
Design of Data · DESINST 215 →
Second Year
Design Impact Master’s Project I: Idea to Impact · ME316A →
Internship Experience
Personal Reflection
Elective 1
Elective 4
Independent Study: Engineering Problems · ME391 →
Elective 2
Elective 5
Elective 3
Design Impact Master’s Project II: Idea to Impact · ME316B →
Design Impact Master’s Project III: Idea to Impact · ME316C →