Our Mission
We believe that designers need to be responsible for the “last mile” of the design process.

We are all about Impact and working on the world’s biggest challenges. We believe that designers need to be responsible for the “last mile” of design. We are educating the next generation of designers and leaders who will innovate and implement, and funding the next generation of researchers who will generate novel solutions to the complex problems facing our society and our planet.
     Our program is project-based, highly immersive, and is based on design thinking, the human-centered design process pioneered at Stanford. We teach the process, mindsets and skills needed to lead high-impact design teams. We prepare our students with a rigorous approach to problem-finding and solving, and we expect them to produce extraordinary results. We focus on the strategic without sacrificing the actionable, creating innovative and tangible solutions. In our work on products, services, systems, and experiences, empathy is our guiding principle.
     We are looking for exceptional Students and Fellows to join us at Stanford and help us transform the world.

d.school connection
What is the difference between the d.school and a Master of Science in Design Impact?

The Master of Science in Design Impact was created for students who want to focus solely on design for their graduate work.
     The d.school (formally called the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design) was created to introduce design thinking methodology to as many Stanford students as possible in order to give them confidence in their creative ability—regardless of their field of study. The d.school is a “school crossing” for students and professors from all schools within the university, and unlike the MS in Design Impact, the d.school doesn’t offer a degree.
     For example, if you’re getting an MBA, you could augment that degree by building skills in design thinking. You would apply to the business school and then come to the d.school to take supplementary classes. The same is true if you are applying to the Medical School to become a doctor, or applying to the School of Education to gain expertise in that field. If you have a depth of interest in any particular field but want to get involved in the d.school, apply to the graduate program that best suits your interest, and augment your degree program with classes offered at the d.school.
     Attending any of the seven graduate schools at Stanford will make you eligible for classes at the d.school; simply apply for the individual d.school classes that most interest you. However, if you want to gain depth and expertise in design and make it the focus of your studies, projects, and community at Stanford, we welcome your application for the MS in Design Impact.