What You Will Learn

Design Impact will teach you to design products that go from idea to implementation. To us, products are more than tangible goods, they also include systems and services. You will learn design skills necessary to create successful products:


  • Empathy-building: collecting user data, building personas, user testing
  • Storytelling: videography, pitching
  • Conceptual Design: problem-framing, ideation, form-giving, brainstorming


  • Positioning: Competitive analysis, pricing
  • Financials: Profit and loss statements, budgeting, business plans
  • Marketing: Networking, advertising, promotion


  • Prototyping: building to answer questions, physical, electronic, UX
  • Fabrication: Shop experience, code-writing
  • Versioning: Right-sizing, letting go, iteration

We teach the entire design process, emphasizing a growth mindset that will help you make a real impact pushing through that “last mile” of design:


  • Leadership: having hard conversations, performance management
  • Project management: Goal-setting, planning work
  • Creative confidence: open mindset, emotional learning


  • Context: history of design, appreciation of design perspectives
  • Respect: ethics, human subject procedures
  • Sustainability: impact of projects, system-level view


  • Analysis: quantitative data analysis, human subject experiment design
  • Depth: Expert knowledge in track
  • Research: literature review, hypothesis forming and testing