A13: The Design Impact program will focus our attention on two themes in order to make the greatest contribution over time. The themes over the next few years will be:

Empathic Autonomy: Personalizing healthcare in the digital age (more info).

Empowering Power: Giving people control of their own resources (more info).

This is a new approach for us, and our hope is that our focus will lead students to greater satisfaction through our genuine impact in these areas. We will also work with students to structure their second year of coursework so that it provides a depth of understanding in one of the two areas, which will be applied directly to their second year design project and also, we anticipate, to the career they pursue after graduation.

Every three years we will have a symposium that will attract leaders in these fields, and we will present and discuss our work together. Work from students throughout the years of the theme will be presented together at this symposium.