A1: We are looking for someone who is a good fit with our program and its philosophy, and someone who will make an impact in the world through design and design thinking. The ideal candidate believes that understanding people and what they value can lead to innovation and significant breakthroughs. Ideally, the candidate combines technological skills and business understanding with a desire to build upon the human-centered design skills that we teach. They have the potential to develop their creative confidence, awareness, and understanding over the course of the program.. And finally, the Committee will select candidates whose outlook and areas of expertise complement those of the other students admitted to the program for that particular year.

In addition, students admitted to the program will be passionate about our themes of Empathic Autonomy: Personalizing healthcare in the digital age and Empowering Power: Giving people control of their own resources. Successful students often arrive at Stanford ready to have an impact on a big problem– and already engaged in its solutions.