Cost of Attendance

If we assume tuition rates stay the same, your tuition and salary would look like the below base case. Design Impact students will have the opportunity to do a Course Assistantship (termed CA) in an undergraduate design class for three quarters. (CA positions will be offered during quarters with available CA slots to fill at the program’s discretion. The example below shows all three CA ships offered in the second year.) This is a wonderful opportunity to cement your skills (learn by teaching) and also receive a reduction in tuition and a stipend. Please see the Assistantships page for details.

Funding Base Case 1st Year 2nd Year
Autumn Winter Spring Autumn Winter Spring
Tuition $12,110 $12,110 $12,110 $12,110 $12,110 $12,110
Tuition Allowance 0 0 0 ($6,055) ($6,055) ($6,055)
Stipend ($5,478) ($5,478) ($5,478)
Total Cost $12,110 $12,110 $12,110 ~$577* ~$577* ~$577*

* Taxable amount of stipend will vary by student, run your own calculations.

Notes: Additional fees not listed in chart include:

-Campus Health Service Fee: $224 per quarter (2019-20 rate)

-Graduate Student Activities Fee: $34 per quarter (2018-19 rate, to be updated)

-Document Fee: $250 (assessed once upon first admission to Stanford) (2019-20 rate)

Some students may have the opportunity to secure additional CA/TA/RA positions.  Please do not plan on this financially.

The Registrar has the current Tuition Schedule and historically, tuition is increased slightly year-to-year.  Our estimates are not binding on the University – they are just estimates to help you with your financial planning while at Stanford.

The Design Impact Program falls under the tuition category of “Graduate Engineering, 8, 9, 10 unit rate” per quarter. The program will span six quarters total, organized over two years of Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarter enrollment.

Keep in mind, tuition is not the only cost you will incur while at Stanford. There is very little on-campus housing, and rent can be high. You should expect to live off-campus.

We recommend these pages for a good perspective: Estimated Average Graduate Student ExpenseEstimated Cost of Living in the Bay Area

While the latter was written for Postdoctoral Researchers, much of the information applies, especially the financial cost-of-living calculators.